case study

KeepSpace is a third-party logistics (3PL) company based in Perth helping e-Commerce companies with their fulfilment needs. KeepSpace focusses on building beautiful software to facilitate an amazing customer experience and this has been the primary focus of its R&D grants for many years.

We sat down to chat with KeepSpace’s original founding guru and CEO, Jesse Emia, to learn first hand from him, what it has been like going through the R&D grant claiming process with Grants for Growth since 2015. 

Check out this video of us chatting with Jesse:


Client Testimonial

“”The team at Grants for Growth don’t bullshit! They’re honest and they care about people! Grants for Growth has been in sync with my business since the start and they restored my faith in accountants because they’re not just all about money, they’re about life and humanity and direction as well, which is a very unique position in the world of accountants!”

Jesse Emia
CEO – KeepSpace